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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Edward M. Kennedy, U.S. Senator From Massachusetts

The Public Gets Conned: Not To Worry, It’s Only Chump Change

Stimulus checks went to a few hundred practicing inmates, er, no, it was about a thousand ... well all right, we’re up to 2,200 very stimulated inmates.

The nation’s prison economies are in an absolute boom cycle.

What self-respecting, mobily-challenged, serving convict needs cigarettes to trade on the inside anymore?

Wait, this just in ... How many more?

M. R. Lawrence / Midday

Monday, August 24, 2009

Convicted Swindler Bernie Madoff's Scotland Option?

Now that Bernie Madoff, who took peoples’ money, has been diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer, will any advocates now say he is a candidate for humanitarian release, as was the Lockerbie, Scotland Pa Am bomber who took peoples’ lives?

M. R. Lawrence / Midday

Friday, August 21, 2009

Q&A - Domain Names and Web Site Addresses 101

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So now, let’s have some questions.

Class has begun.

MRL / Midday

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Twitter On Lockerbie Scotland Bomber Release

Karen_31557: I am outraged the Lockerbie bomber got released. Where was HIS compassion when he blew 259 ppl out of the air? 11 on the ground also died.

apreciadahabbo: Families outraged Lockerbie bomber's released: Victims' family members and advocates are grieving anew as the on.. http://bit.ly/TfAuE

CuchulainnCharl: Families outraged Lockerbie bomber's released http://is.gd/2qH5s

tourscotland: A long day in Scotland. Don't know why the Lockerbie Bomber was released from Scotland. We Scots may never know the "real" reason. Politics.

botnewsrss: Terminally ill Lockerbie bomber lands in Libya: A Scottish court Thursday released convicted Lockerbie bomber Ab.. http://bit.ly/2VIxAB

B_Rok: Lockerbie bomber released and is greeted & cheered back home? this is sick & wrong. these ppl REALLY dont like us. http://tinyurl.com/mn6st7

Mimsii: My sentiments exactly! RT @Golden_Lady: I can't believe they have released the Lockerbie, Scotland bomber because he's dying of cancer. ...

r__stevenson: www.100kin6mth.com Families outraged Lockerbie bomber's released: Victims' family members and .. http://bit.ly/q8d9j

Golden_Lady: I can't believe they have released the Lockerbie, Scotland bomber because he's dying of cancer. Let that fool die in JAIL! #injustice

testekleez: @StellaInger I think Scotland needs to get rid of Macaskill. Bomber shouldn't even be breathing right now to have been released IMO.

1stNewsHeds: CNN: Families outraged Lockerbie bomber's released

patrowe: Lockerby bomber was released from prison on "compassion" grounds because of prostate cancer- I don't get it

ferryman72: Kenny MacAskill: SHAME ON YOU!! http://bit.ly/jXCfy #lockerbie #terrorist #bomber #released

tgardner: Oh, now it's Obama's fault that the 103 bomber was released? #TwitterCranks

StellaInger: Pan am 103 bomber released from jail in Scottland cause he's terminally ill. Can't believe it. What do u think?

91maan90: Terminally ill Lockerbie bomber lands in Libya: A Scottish court Thursday released convicted Lockerbie bomber Ab.. http://bit.ly/kfMEM

testekleez: Pan Am bomber released. Macaskill has lost his friggin' mind (never had one probably). Bomber should have been executed anyways.

mdowd: Wow, lockerbie bomber released from prison: http://bit.ly/6WOR3

News10Now: HEADLINE: Lockerbie bomber released from prison: It was an attack that signaled a new era in terrorism... http://bit.ly/RWW8Q

ShawnONeal: Dying Lockerbie bomber released: http://tiny.cc/WeupU. Sad thing - his last wish is to see Michael Jackson in concert.Text

Guest Column - Run Health Care like the Post Office?

Barack Obama recently said, "I think private insurers should be able to compete...I mean. If you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It's the Post Office that's always having problems."

The President is acknowledging what Republicans have been saying all along: That the private sector does a better job offering choices and delivering services to customers in a competitive and cost effective manner than a government-run monopoly.

But Obama and liberal Democrats in Congress are pushing for a government-run health care scheme that is inefficient, limits choices and hemorrhages taxpayer money like the Post Office.

Two weeks ago, the Post Office was called a "high risk" federal agency by the Government Accountability Office. The Post Office will have a $7 billion operating loss this year. So what makes the President, Nancy Pelosi and their left-wing allies think that government bureaucracy can run health care better than the private sector?

Michael Steele, Chairman
Republican National Committee


Obama Care, Medicare, And Your Care

To watch and listen to Congressman Barney Frank as he goes into a constituent heave-ho and heave-to at a Dartmouth, Massachusetts health care town meeting, is a real eye and ear opener. A young woman clutching an Obama photo doctored with a Hitler moustache attempts a question to which Frank answers with a question, "What planet are you from?"

He goes on to say that he would get nowhere talking with her as he might as well be talking to a wooden table. And so the tenor of the congressional August recess has been set; dialogue is out, bullying is the tour de’ force for both sides. The health care debate will have to wait for the entrance of only like-minded advocates to discuss, demure, and agree. These are not your mom’s and pop’s town meetings to rationally discuss opposing viewpoints.

And so goes the great American health care debate in small town meeting venues across the nation.

Senator Specter has to intervene between jostling opponents in Pennsylvania.

A Georgia congressman has a swastika painted by unknown health care opponents on his district office sign.

People want clarification. President Obama says the "public option" is off the table. A day later, one of his appointees, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, says it isn’t so.

Are "Death Panels" a part of the government package? Will people behind Washington desks eventually dictate who is to receive medical care based on age, infirmary, and degree of illness or injury? The health care promoters say "nonsense", but democrats, republicans, and independents wonder. There are no undecided among the elderly on this point. Is a form of federal medical triage in the future, much like the treatment sometimes given today in overwhelmed emergency rooms?

The democrats are seriously considering a go-alone move, exclusive of Republican input, and in disregard from the concerns of some fellow democrats as well, that would push the heath care program into law on a bare bones voting majority.

Associated Press reports that the health care consumer confidence index compiled by the non-partisan Robert Wood Foundation has slipped 5 percentage points; among seniors on Medicare, the drop is double at 10.4 points.

To be sure, there are some much-needed features in President Obama’s health care proposal: barring insurance companies from denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions; halting the ending of benefits when policyholders become ill or injured, and including provisions to ease small businesses toward covering workers.

The once-touted universal coverage of the administration has morphed into a 38 million would receive benefits out of the 46 million uninsured. So, the question begs as to why all the change, upset and expenditure when 10 million are still going to be left out in the cold?
And of course there’s still that hush-hush administration deal that got pharmaceutical companys’ health care support in a deal exchange for leaving the present domestic prescription pricing structure in place.

Will Americans still find it illegal to purchase the same prescription medications available for import at much lower costs from other countries like Canada?

Better not ask Barney Frank unless you want an eye and ear-opening, "What planet are you from?"

M. R. Lawrence / Midday

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get to the Bottom of Cross Contamination With the Arse Face Soap!

By Jessie Jones

Keep it clean with the Arse Face Soap from Find Me A Gift

We all know the situation. You stagger out of bed in the morning, into the bathroom and wash your face, trying to wake up before the dreaded trek to work! But how do you know what soap you've been using and where? No one wants the cross contamination of beastly bacteria all over your freshly cleaned face. Well, Find Me A Gift has the solution. The Arse Face Soap makes sure you never need to worry about where your soap has been!

This lightly scented soap can be used to cleanse from top to bottom! With the clever labelling, there will no longer be any confusion or cross contamination. It's even aptly colour coded as well; the brown side is used for your `ARSE' whilst the white side is for your `FACE'. Clear and simple, there is now no excuse for incomplete bodily hygiene! This practical soap will keep you amused every time you use it and measuring W 9cm x H 5.5cm x D 2.8cm, it is the perfect size to use in the shower every morning. Why not have one for the hand basin too? It can be used all over the body and face (obviously as it is labelled appropriately

Suitable for all ages, it is a perfect novelty gift for anyone, especially those hygiene fanatics and those who would cringe at the idea of contamination (well who wouldn't?!). Get to the bottom of these hygiene horrors with the Arse Face Soap. Bacteria is inescapable, whether it is lurking in your loo or basking in your bath, but this soap will lend a helping hand in ensuring you stay clean and fresh all day long!

But why stop there? It's no good ensuring your body has avoided all contamination, to then come out of the shower and use a towel when you have no idea where it's been! Combine the Arse Face Soap with another ideal and practical gift.the Arse Face Towel! This towel follows a similar colour theme and also carries the two clearly labelled and colour coded sections. Once again, there will never be any confusion as to which part of the towel should be used and where! This is a hygienic and humorous way to keep you organised and made from 100% cotton, it is any dirty dudes duty to have one!

Measuring approximately 1 meter in length x 57 cm in width, it is the perfect size for any guy looking to ensure his hygiene is kept spic and span. Again perfect as a novelty gift for any hygiene freak, or for anyone looking to keep their hygiene more organised. These cleverly designed comforters are a must for any bathroom!

Jessie Jone’s Arse Face Soap and matching towel are available online at - http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/gifts-for-men/personal-gift/arse-face-soap.html ... Really!

Reprinted From - http://www.isnare.com/?aid=397890&ca=Opinions

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little Stimulus Here, A Little Stimulus There ...

Dear Readers,

I'm happy to report that a number of Midday sites are back online after paying some of the hosting fees that fund the servers required for downloading content to your computer for viewing.

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More volunteer funding would help get some of our other sites up and running again.

A dollar here, a dollar there ...

MRL / Midday

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Careless - Are You Shouting Or Listening?

The national mood on a new healthcare system is in chronic need of a timely injection of new enthusiasm and confidence among the electorate.

Requiring funding of one trillion dollars of unknown origin, during uncertain economic times, has depressed the motivation for redesigning the country's entrenched healthcare infrastructure, a definite reversal trend in supportive public opinion which had swept an inspired nation during the presidential election.

To be sure, the President is out to accomplish just the kind of turnabout in public opinion on the sagging healthcare issue with a renewed enthusiatic infusion of confidence, much in the manner which got him elected. But the good folks in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who came to hear President Obama on the matter at hand, were muted in their cross-section response, but at least in a decidedly attentive and civil manner.

Not so lucky with Republican turned Democrat, Senator Arlen Specter, who had to physically intervene between two jostling constituents in a Pennsylvania town hall meeting. The crowd was decidedly boisterous and, well, pushy.

And there was the extreme from the fringes for Georgia Representative David Scott whose district office sign was painted over with a swastika, an act which the congressman says is showing a hateful and racist element emerging on the issue of healthcare.

So where does everyone proceed from here during the nation's August recess?

Do Americans support healthcare less now?

M. R. Lawrence