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Friday, August 21, 2009

Q&A - Domain Names and Web Site Addresses 101

As questions on Midday’s Domain Names August Liquidation Sale have been coming in the posts of unrelated news and comment subjects elsewhere on the Midday Forum, this post will be the new catch-all for all inquiries, clarifications, and information on acquiring domain names, hosting, setting up websites, secure servers, merchant shopping carts, SEO search engine optimization, marketing, traffic generation, design & layout and, i.e. all things to do with a formal and successful personal, family and business presence on the internet.

To begin, surf to our domain, website, email portal at http://ValUNames.com ( http://Midday.biz will also get you there) and familiarize yourself with the various subjects we call e-commerce.

A basic domain name and personal or family web site address (they’re one and the same) will not require all the bells and whistles available at ValUNames.com.

Midday domain names offered for sale as Premium Domain Names are presently listed at http://ValUName.com (single tense), and when clicked will bring you to their respective domain parking page at the SEDO website auction portal. An asking or firm price will be offered when scrolling down on the right to “... owner may have this for sale ...” and then clicking to open the pricing page.

Presently our top 3 Midday Premium Domain Names with visit stats for August were:


257 - Bookeman.com - http://Bookeman.com - $850 Asking
248 - TheTweeter.com - http://TheTweeter.com - 7590 Asking
238 - AdsenseCart.com - http://AdsenseCart.com - $950 Asking

Bookeman would make an ideal book, ebook, music reseller site.

The Tweeter would make a great Twitter news style website using English script for the title.

Adsense Cart would make an authoritative blog name for an adsense / adwords guru.

Just using the domain name search bar at http://Midday.biz might turn up a gem of a name or two for a basic low price budget.

Use your imagination and go for a YourName.com or .net, or .biz, or .us ...

So now, let’s have some questions.

Class has begun.

MRL / Midday


Anonymous said...

What is a bayhacker?

Fred Wright

Midday said...

Dear Mr. Wright,

Here's a footnote regarding your question:

"The Midday News (Midday.com) has created a new website BayHACK.com on March 26, 2007 for archiving all investigative coverage and public response from those auction sellers, buyers, and participants directly or indirectly bayhacked on eBay North America and on eBay, Inc. international sites. An additional backup reserve domain, BayHACKED.com , will re-direct to the new site.

All aspects of eBay performance at all levels will be covered."

At the time, hackers were gaining access to thousands of eBay seller accounts and immediately listing heavily discounted but imitation designer handbag products under the unsuspecting sellers' names id's, hence I coined the phrase "I was bayhacked", with a variation of "A bayhacker got my eBay account".

So a bayhacker is a hacker who specifically targets the eBay auction platform, and it is a phrase that has come to generally mean the taking over of accounts at any e-commerce site by a hacker.

Visit our http://bayHACK.com site for a look-see and more info.

I haven't been using the http://bayhacker.com domain name so it is offered for sale.

MRL / Midday

Fred said...

"So a bayhacker is a hacker who specifically targets the eBay auction platform"

Who would want this name then, a Hacker? Junk


"it is a phrase that has come to generally mean the taking over of accounts at any e-commerce site by a hacker." AND YOU ARE PROMOTING THIS MARK? BOY YOU ARE`REALLY DUMB!

Midday said...

Hmmm Mr. Allen from Twitter,

Better color me dumb then for exposing a serious problem eBay auction buyers weren't aware of at the time.

I still get many visitors each day at http://bayHACK.com even though eBay finally got a handle on their massive fraud problem, especially after eBay lost an enormous legal suit judgement brought by the French government on designer products infringement.

I created new words to focus on the resistance corporate eBay had for publically acknowledging the breaches: bayHACK, BayHacked, and BayHacker.

Check them out in a Google search.

I think they were used very effectively for the public good.

So if I ever get around to writing Twits For Dummies, I'll autograph my very first copy to you.

"From The BayHacker"

MRL / Midday

Muphrey said...

Thank you very much M R Lawrence!