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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little Stimulus Here, A Little Stimulus There ...

Dear Readers,

I'm happy to report that a number of Midday sites are back online after paying some of the hosting fees that fund the servers required for downloading content to your computer for viewing.

On matters of gardening, http://Plantwhispers.com has much to offer.

Energy options for achieving oil independence are covered on http://OilSanity.com

Easy listening is back up at http://Midday.FM and for a neat internet AM/FM radio tuner, go to http://MiddayRadio.com

For the latest video news on the country's Stimulus Plan, http://StimulThis.com is the place to go.

A popular visit is to http://BayHACK.com for All Things eBay.

Try out http://MiddayMOBI.com for your Blackberry, iPhone, Smartphone, PDA viewing.

http://ValUName.com has some great premium domain name deals that are cut rate offers to offset some of our financing shortfall.

That's it for the moment.

More volunteer funding would help get some of our other sites up and running again.

A dollar here, a dollar there ...

MRL / Midday

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