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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get to the Bottom of Cross Contamination With the Arse Face Soap!

By Jessie Jones

Keep it clean with the Arse Face Soap from Find Me A Gift

We all know the situation. You stagger out of bed in the morning, into the bathroom and wash your face, trying to wake up before the dreaded trek to work! But how do you know what soap you've been using and where? No one wants the cross contamination of beastly bacteria all over your freshly cleaned face. Well, Find Me A Gift has the solution. The Arse Face Soap makes sure you never need to worry about where your soap has been!

This lightly scented soap can be used to cleanse from top to bottom! With the clever labelling, there will no longer be any confusion or cross contamination. It's even aptly colour coded as well; the brown side is used for your `ARSE' whilst the white side is for your `FACE'. Clear and simple, there is now no excuse for incomplete bodily hygiene! This practical soap will keep you amused every time you use it and measuring W 9cm x H 5.5cm x D 2.8cm, it is the perfect size to use in the shower every morning. Why not have one for the hand basin too? It can be used all over the body and face (obviously as it is labelled appropriately

Suitable for all ages, it is a perfect novelty gift for anyone, especially those hygiene fanatics and those who would cringe at the idea of contamination (well who wouldn't?!). Get to the bottom of these hygiene horrors with the Arse Face Soap. Bacteria is inescapable, whether it is lurking in your loo or basking in your bath, but this soap will lend a helping hand in ensuring you stay clean and fresh all day long!

But why stop there? It's no good ensuring your body has avoided all contamination, to then come out of the shower and use a towel when you have no idea where it's been! Combine the Arse Face Soap with another ideal and practical gift.the Arse Face Towel! This towel follows a similar colour theme and also carries the two clearly labelled and colour coded sections. Once again, there will never be any confusion as to which part of the towel should be used and where! This is a hygienic and humorous way to keep you organised and made from 100% cotton, it is any dirty dudes duty to have one!

Measuring approximately 1 meter in length x 57 cm in width, it is the perfect size for any guy looking to ensure his hygiene is kept spic and span. Again perfect as a novelty gift for any hygiene freak, or for anyone looking to keep their hygiene more organised. These cleverly designed comforters are a must for any bathroom!

Jessie Jone’s Arse Face Soap and matching towel are available online at - http://www.find-me-a-gift.co.uk/gifts-for-men/personal-gift/arse-face-soap.html ... Really!

Reprinted From - http://www.isnare.com/?aid=397890&ca=Opinions

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